Our Story

Where art meets science,
And terroir marries technology,
Where the future is embraced,
To turn dreams into reality...

That’s where ETA lives.

ETA, written as η, is the lower case seventh letter of the Greek alphabet and it pays homage to science and technology as the η coefficient is widely used across more than twenty fields in the natural sciences. It represents our vision to leverage science and technology to deliver outstanding wines for our modern age. Most wine and spirit brands have a heritage positioning, being proud of their tradition and pedigree and they dream about the perceived glory of yesteryear. Not so for ETA.

We have our sights firmly set on the future. Our ETA wines are sourced by leveraging analytical chemistry lab studies generating more than 200,000 datapoints from a bottle of wine coupled with data science driven palate insights. This gives us the capability to source and blend exquisite wines to suit the preferences of our allocation list members. With ETA, we seek to make our mark on the wine industry and we promise to never become static nor complacent.

2007 Syrah

from Santa Ynez Valley

100% Syrah
Stolpman Vineyards, Santa Ynez Valley
Clone 7 Shiraz and Estrella clone

The grapes underwent a tremendous amount of triage to sort out only the ripest berries by hand in the vineyard and then again at the sorting table. The grapes were crushed using the Demoisy destemmer and crusher and we then inoculated and punched down immediately to get relatively warm fermentations. We wanted to bring out as much as possible of the natural earth and spice flavors that the berries contained. Total fermentation time was 12 days and the five best barrels were specially selected for 34 months barrel aging before being bottled unfined and unfiltered. After bottling, we tucked away the bottles for a long slumber to mature and develop to their full potential. These bottles came to be known as “Don Julio” after the cellarmaster who so loved this wine.

All bottles of the 2007 ETA Syrah are fully spoken for but you are welcome to join our waiting list for future allocations of new releases.

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Thank you for expressing an interest in ETA. We welcome you to join our private-client waiting list and hope to earn your patronage in time. We strive to allocate our wines as fairly as possible on the basis of seniority, loyalty and vintage availability. We are confident that your trust will be well rewarded and that our wines will add grace and pleasure in your cellar and on your table.

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